ZeinPharma® Borage Oil Capsules

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Alleviates skin problems like acne or neurodermatitis
  • Natural skin ageing hold-up
  • Alleviates menopausal symptoms
  • 180 borage oil capsules per box
  • Each borage oil capsule contains top-quality gamma linoleic acid
  • Enriched with precious vitamin E for optimum cell protection

    What is borage oil?

    Borage oil (borago officinalis) is extracted from the borage plant in a particularly gentle process. It is also called “cucumber borage” due to its cucumber-like smell. The hairy borage plant has its origin in the Mediterranean area and in North America. The flower parts as well as the plant itself are a valuable supplier of mineral nutrients, silicic acid, as well as gamma linoleic acid. Gamma linoleic acid is a polyunsaturated omega 6 fatty acid. Already in antiquity, borage was valued for its outstanding characteristics. In the Middle Ages, borage was highly appreciated as well. In the 17th century, John Evelyn – English author and horticulturalist - wrote an essay on the topic of borage, pointing out its great significance at that time. Today, borage especially convinced nutrition-conscious people.

    What is special about our borage oil capsules?

    Borage oil capsules dispose of a wide range of important mineral nutrients, silicic acid as well as gamma linoleic acid (GLA). The human organism is not able to produce the essential gamma linoleic acid itself and has to absorb it via food. Gamma linoleic acid is used for the body’s own tissue hormone (prostaglandine) production, which has an influence on different body functions like the health of skin and hair, cholesterol level, cardiovascular system, and the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

    Additionally, Zeinpharma borage oil capsules are enriched with valuable vitamin E. Vitamin E are liposoluble elements, summarised as so-called tocopheroles. Vitamin E is an important antioxidant, protecting the human organism from cell damage by free radicals. Further, it protects the precious oil in our borage oil capsules from oxidation.

    Function of nutrients

    • Vitamin E protects cells from oxidative damage
    • Gamma-linolenic acid acts anti-inflammatory
    • Gamma-linolenic acid plays a role hormonal balance

    Possible applications

    • Strenthening of immune defence
    • Psoriasis and dry skin
    • Stress and restlessness

    Advantages of our borage oil capsules

    The borage oil capsules of ZeinPharma supply you with many important vital substances as well as the essential omega 6 fatty acid. The capsules are enriched with high-quality vitamin E, which is not just good for your health but also protects the oil from oxidation. Thus, the positive characteristics of borage oil are preserved longer without having to resort to artificial preserving agents.

    Further, in the gel capsules, the oil is reliably protected from oxygen. Bottled oil in contrast is confronted with oxygen directly after opening, which has a negative effect on the quality. After some time, the oil gets rancid and unusable.

    Your advantages at a glance:

    • pure borage oil from borage seeds
    • particularly rich in gamma linoleic acid
    • optimally combined with vitamin E as cell protection from oxidative stress
    • our borage oil capsules are subject to highest quality standards
    • quality produced by ZeinPharma®


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