ZeinPharma® Lycopene Capsules

  • Secondary plant compound
  • 60 high-quality lycopene capsules per box
  • 20mg lycopene per capsule
  • Effective antioxidant
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Positive influence on the cholesterol metabolism
  • Intake recommendation: 1 capsule per day

    What is lycopene?

    Lycopene is a precious secondary plant compound and belongs to the group of carotinoids. The vegetable colourant is – amongst other things – responsible for the intense reddening of tomatoes and rose hips. In lower dosage, it is also contained in other fruits like e.g. water melons. A high lycopene concentration can be found in tomatoes. In contrary to primary plant compounds, secondary plant compounds are not responsible for the plant growth, but for the protection from vermin. As secondary plant compound, lycopene is also important for the human organism and is an integral component of a nutrition-conscious diet

    What is special about our lycopene capsules?

    Our lycopene capsules offer the possibility to provide the human body with essential lycopene in high concentration. Each capsule contains 20mg of the pure plant compound. This comes up to approx. 400g ripe tomatoes. By means of our lycopene capsules, an optimum supply with the secondary plant compound is facilitated, wherever you are. Take advantage of the full potential this special secondary plant compound has to offer, and profit from the positive effect. Lycopene does not only have a positive influence on the cholesterol metabolism but is also an effective antioxidant protecting the human body from the damaging influence of free radicals.


    Function of nutrients

    • Lycopene has antioxidative properties
    • Lycopene protects the skin
    • Lycopene is good for the heart

    Possible applications

    • For high antioxidative protection
    • Strengthening of cellular defense

    Advantages of our lycopene capsules

    With only 1 lycopene capsule daily you receive highly concentrated lycopene and profit from all advantages the secondary plant compound has to offer. With the purchase of our lycopene capsules, you receive a product checked several times. Utmost attention is already paid to the quality of the raw material. We exclusively use certified lycopene and have our products checked for another time by an independent laboratory.

    Advantages of our lycopene capsules at a glance:

    • Lycopene capsules with 20mg purest lycopene per capsule
    • One capsule comes up to 400g ripe tomatoes
    • For an optimum supply with secondary plant compounds
    • With precious ingredients from nature


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