Aloe Vera Capsules


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Aloe vera capsules from ZeinPharma®

  • Contents: 90 vegetarian capsules – sufficient for one month
  • Capsules with Aloe vera concentrate (200:1) with the natural ingredient Aloe barbadensis
  • Optimum dose and concentration of active ingredients
  • Fortified with vitamins C and E to support the immune system
  • Help maintain healthy skin and natural cell protection
  • Recommended dose: three capsules daily, taken with sufficient fluid

    What is Aloe Vera?The Aloe vera is a plant with a long tradition of use. It is a member of the thick-leaved group of plants known as succulents and grows mainly in hot and dry regions of the African continent. However, this imposing, fleshy-leaved plant can also be found in the southern Mediterranean, India and the Middle East. Of over 300 Aloe vera species, Aloe barbadensis Miller is particularly digestible and suitable for applications such as the production of Aloe vera capsules. The plant, which is sometimes known as ‘the lily of the desert’, is composed of a number of parts, which are used in different ways.

    In the centre of the plant is a gel layer, which is mostly composed of water; outside this lies a fibrous layer which contains the juice, and outside again, the leathery outer skin which protects the plant from moisture loss by evaporation. Due to its unique combination of active substances the plant can be used for the production of various food supplements, of which Aloe vera capsules are an example.

    What makes Aloe vera so special?

    Its effectiveness stems primarily from its many different nutrients. The plant contains over 200 varied active ingredients. The sap was already in use in ancient Egypt, where it was thought to have divine powers, and was known as ‘the blood of the gods’; it was commonly included among the grave goods of deceased pharaohs, as depicted in their tomb paintings.

    Aloe Vera contains a sugar molecule, acemannan, which has antiseptic properties. It speeds up the process of cell division and so improves wound healing and benefits the complexion. It is known that vitamin E improves oxygen uptake by the tissue cells, helping the skin to stay supple and youthful-looking. Our Aloe vera capsules contain added vitamin C to strengthen the immune system, while the trace element calcium contributes to the maintenance of healthy teeth, bones and cartilage. So Aloe vera is a plant that can make a real contribution to your health!

    Function of nutrients

    • Vitamin C contributes to normal skin
    • Vitamin C supports the immune system
    • Vitamin C and E protect cells from oxidative stress
    • Vitamin C reduces fatigue
    • Aloe vera supplies skin with moisture

    Possible applications

    • Impure and sensitive skin
    • Psoriasis
    • To strengthen the immune system

    What is so special about our Aloe vera capsules?

    Our Aloe vera capsules contain a high-quality extract of the valuable nutrients of the plant, taken exclusively from the best Barbadensis variety. The dosage is optimised, with a pack of Aloe Vera capsules containing the equivalent of 3.2 litres of juice or 3.6 kilograms of extract.

    The capsules include added essential vitamins C and E, which are important for a properly functioning immune system and act as antioxidants. In our capsules, the fat-soluble vitamin E works in harmony with the water-soluble vitamin C to maximise the anti-oxidant effect, as these micronutrients work to regenerate each other. The effecient anti-oxidant vitamin E works to protect the cells against free radicals; by synergy with vitamin C and various enzymes the micro-nutrient in its oxidized form become available again, effectively “recycled”.

    The benefits of our product at a glance;

    • Aloe vera concentrate in optimum 200:1 proportion
    • With vitamin C and vitamin E – helpful in supporting the immune system
    • Dietary supplement quality – manufactured in Germany
    • Vegetarian – pure plant-based ingredients


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