Anti Acne Capsules


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ZeinPharma® Anti Acne Capsules

  • With the new and natural special formula of zinc and L-histidine
  • 120 anti acne capsules per box
  • Effective against skin blemishes and acne
  • Visibly enhances the facial appearance and adds to purity and beauty of the skin
  • 100% vegetarian
  • Intake recommendation: 1 anti acne capsules daily together with a main meal

    What are our anti acne capsules?

    „Beauty comes from the inside!“ - This is a common sentence and it is true! Fight acne and blackheads with our anti acne capsules in the most effective way. Throughout the world, acne is the most common skin disease. With more than 80%, teenagers are especially effected. But also at a later age, acne still can be or can become an annoying problem. Constant frustration due to ineffective agents and cremes can come to an end. With the unique formula of histidine and zinc in our anti acne capsules, acnr can be naturally and effectively be prevented at its place of origin and the skin appearance can be improved.

    Function of nutrients

    • Zinc improves skin health
    • Zinc has anti-inflammatory effects
    • Zinc plays a role in wound healing
    • Zinc strengthens the immune system
    • Zinc is important for the cell protection
    • L-Histidin improves zinc absorption
    • Zinc is important for the cell protection

    Possible applications

    • Acne
    • Inflammations
    • Neurodermitis
    • Impurities

    The skin reflects our inside and shows what is happening in our body. A change in eating habits together with a balanced intake of important nutrients or the reduction of stress may improve our skin appearance. Covering impurities with diverse cosmetics does not lead to an improved skin condition and is no remedy against pimples. Acne should be fought where it comes from - namely from the inside!

    Advantages of our anti acne capsules at a glance:

    • Our anti acne capsules are a natural and effective remedy against skin impurities and acne
    • With the unique formula of zinc and L-histidine
    • The acne is treated directly at its place of origin
    • In tested quality made in Germany
    • Finally a pure and radiantly beautiful skin
    • Our anti acne capsules are 100% vegetarian


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