Egyptian Black Cumin Oil Capsules 500 mg


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Egyptian Black Cumin Oil Capsules

  • With vital linoleic acid (50%)
  • 500mg best black cumin oil per capsule
  • With essential oils and natural vitamin E
  • Improves skin problems like acne and neurodermatitis
  • Prevents respiratory diseases
  • helps against numerous digestive problems
  • eases rheumatic troubles

    Black cumin oil - already praised by prophet Mohammed

    „A highly praised oil!“ Already in ancient writings like the Old Testament, black cumin is promoted due to its numerous application possibilities and is highly appreciated for its positive characteristics for hundreds of years. Already in Ancient Egypt, black cumin oil had an important role and was eternalised on papyrus scrolls. Particularly in the Islamic world, black cumin is still held dear not least because prophet Mohammed praised this unimposing plant.

    Where does our black cumin oil come from?

    Black cumin oil is extracted from the small black seeds of the Egyptian plan „Nigella sativa“For of our black cumin oil capsules we exclusively use natural cold-pressed oil produced without further heat supply and only by pressing and filtration. This process is particularly gentle and allows us to preserve all precious ingredients in our black cumin oil capsules. This practice has also a positive influence on the quality criteria taste, smell, and vitamin content.

    What is special about our black cumin oil capsules: thanks to the gentle extraction, the black cumin oil capsules contain a particularly high amount of the essential fatty acid linoleic acid (50%) which performs various tasks within the human body. Due to the fact that our black cumin oil is pressed and not refined, precious essential oils and natural vitamin E remain preserved. The all-natural component of essential oils protects the black cumin oil in our black cumin oil capsules from oxidation in a natural way. No additional additives are necessary.

    Meaning of polyunsaturaed fatty acids

    Nowadays, people tend to eat too rich in fat. But not every fat is bad: it depends which fat we consume. In an unbalanced diet, a lot of times animal-based food containing a too high amount of saturated fatty acids is consumed. This way, the healthy polyunsaturated fatty acids are absorbed infrequently or are even eliminated.

    Black cumin oil contains a high amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids, especially linoleic acid. Linoleic acid is a so-called essential omega-6 fatty acid, is not produced by the human body itself , thus, the supply has to be provided from the outside. Linoleic acid is an important component for the formation of cell membranes, as cell membranes regulate the nutrient transport to the inside of the body cells. By replacing the unfavourable saturated fatty acids by the polyunsaturated fatty acid linoleic acid, the cholesterol level is normalised. Thus, our black cumin oil capsules fit perfectly in daily nutrition.

    Advantages of our black cumin oil capsules:

    • Best quality from cultivation to harvest
    • Black cumin oil capsules with 50% linoleic acid
    • Produced in a particularly gentle manner
    • With essential oils and natural vitamin E
    • Valuable addition to daily nutrition
    • Highest safety: checked by an external institute


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