Selenium Pure capsules 150µg


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ZeinPharma® selenium pure capsules

  • Adds to preserve normal hair and nails
  • For a normal immune system functioning
  • Made of high-quality and organic selenium
  • 120 selenium capsules from own production
  • Tested purity
  • Intake recommendation: 1 capsule daily before a principal meal

    What exactly is organic selenium?

    "Discovery in 1817" by Jöns Jakob Berzelius in a sulphuric acid plant. Selenium is an essential trace element, this means it appears for less than 50mg/kg in the human body and cannot be produced by the human body itself. It has to be absorbed regularly with food. In a scientific point of view, selenium is a so-called chalcogen, which literally means "ore creator”. To be able to profit from the vital selenium, we have to absorb its organic form. The organic form secures that selenium is bio-available for the human body and that the trace element can be processed better.

    What tasks does the trace element selenium have?

    Selenium is a vital part of proteins in our organism as it exists preliminarily in the 21st biogen amino acid selenocystein. Thus, it is necessary for numerous metabolism processes. In complex protein compounds, the enzymes, selenium has a basic function: it triggers multiple biochemical reactions in the active centre of the enzyme – i.e. the enzyme starts working.

    Function of nutrients

    • Selenium is a radical catcher
    • Selenium protects the body cells from oxidative stress
    • Selenium supports sperm production
    • Selenium preserves normal hair and normal nails
    • Selenium supports the normal functioning of our immune system and the thyroid

    Possible applications

    • For healthy skin and hair
    • Fertility
    • Stregthening of the body defenses

    How is selenium produced?

    To gain the available and bioactive selenium, the natural and mineral selenium as well as a well-known animate being which is not directly associated with positive characteristics - the beer yeast "saccharomyces cerevisiae” - are being used. For our selenium pure capsules, this yeast is first bred and then spread on a culture medium which is rich in mineral selenium. The yeast uses this culture medium as food source and produces the desired organic selenium.

    What else is there to know about selenium?

    Normally, selenium can be found e.g. in fish, eggs, lentils and asparagus. Thus, concerning fruit and vegetables only small amounts can be found as the amount of selenium is highly dependant from the ground fertilisation. Who wants to rely on a constant selenium intake should take ZeinPharma® selenium pure capsules. This guarantess an optimum supply. Only 1 capsule per day offers your body pure an organic selenium and supports it with everything it needs for the numerous processes within the body, due to its biologically available form.


    Advantages of selenium pure capsules:

    • Vital trace element in bioavailable form
    • Gained from natural synthesis with the help of yeast
    • To preserve normal hair and nails
    • As protection from free radicals
    • Adds to a normal immune system
    • From own production in Germany
    • Confirmed pureness by an external laboratory


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