Ubiquinol 50 mg Capsules


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ZeinPharma® Ubiquinol 50 mg Capsules

  • bioactive form of coenzyme Q10
  • 800% higher bioavailability than usual Q10
  • original Kaneka™ Ubiquinol
  • naturally occurring antioxidant
  • energy generation in the cells
  • provides flexibility in the cell membranes
  • 50 mg Ubiquinol per capsule
  • Made in Germany

    What is bioactive Ubiquinol?

    „Immediately where it is needed!“ Ubiquinol is a liposoluble substance and an electron-rich form of the coenzyme Q10. Thus, it is the active and directly available form of Q10. When taking usual Q10, the body first has to transform it into Ubiquinol to make it available. Only a relatively short time ago, the extraction of Ubiquinol as nutrition supplement was finally successful. Ubiquinol can be found in almost all cells, tissues and organs and is provided by biosynthesis. It performs numerous important functions in our body and is thus a real multi-talent. As an example, Ubiquinol has an important role as key component in the electrons transport chain, as precious energy is provided by the electrons. The bioactive form of Q10 is also highly appreciated as effective natural antioxidant and, thus, as important substance for the protection of cell membranes from oxidative damages.

    What is special about Ubiquinol?

    When taking coenzyme Q10, the body has to transform it first into Ubiquinol, which takes time and energy to make it available. With ZeinPharma® Ubiquinol 50mg capsules, you directly receive the active form of coenzyme Q10 and profit a lot faster from the positive characteristics.

    The body’s ability to gain bioactive Ubiquinol from coenzyme Q10 can be affected especially at an elderly age. With an 800% better bioavailability of our Ubiqionol capsules compared to usual Q10, you can be sure to fully exploit the advantages.

    Function of nutrients

    • Ubiquinol is a strong antioxidant
    • Ubiquinol supports energy production
    • Ubiquinol can enhance muscle function
    • Ubiquinol protects cells from oxidative stress

    Possible applications

    • Heart problems
    • Blood vessel conditions
    • Fatigue
    • People age 40 years and older
    • Oxidative stress
    • Intake of statins wich decrease Q10 production of the body

    What else should I know about ZeinPharma® Ubiquinol capsules?

    With regard to air and light, Ubiquinol is very sensible and hasn’t been offered as nutrition supplement until recently. Kaneka Corporation™ was the first to manage to extract Ubiquinol in large amounts by technical innovation. ZeinPharma® uses exclusively the original Kaneka™ Ubiquinol, which helps you to fully exploit the advantages of the best bioavailable Coenzym Q 10.

    Your advantages at a glance:

    • 50mg bioactive Ubiquinol: 800% more effective than usual Q10
    • in directly bioavailable form
    • original Kaneka™ Ubiquinol
    • produced according to highest quality standards


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