AKBA-Incense Capsules

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AKBA-Incense capsules from ZeinPharma®

The new generation of incense

ZeinPharma® constantly keeps the needs of the customer in mind, when it comes to both product development and cutting edge research. The team composed of nutritionists and doctors, soon turned its attention to a certain component of incense: the AKBA acid (Acetyl-Keto-Beta-Boswellic-Acid). A host of studies have now been completed and the results are clear: ABKA acid is a high quality and effective active ingredient within incense. Incense, and the boswellic acids contained within, has long been attributed with having many positive health benefits.

Uniquely high dosage

Conventional medicines using frankincense generally only contain 2 or 3 per cent of ABKA: with ZeinPharma’s offering you will receive a uniquely high dose of 20mg per capsule. We guarantee the unusually high AKBA content through the use of a special frankincense extract that delivers ABKA levels of up to 30% - levels that have consistently been shown to be ten times higher than standard incense extracts.

Do not consume ABKA by itself!

Make sure that you do not take ABKA in its isolated form. It must be consumed in combination with the whole range of boswellic acids in order to work effectively inside the body. Therefore, we offer an optimal blend of products, combining the special extract with 30 per cent ABKA with a normal frankincense extract in order to get the most out of the product.

Produced in Germany

ZeinPharma® is a manufacturer of dietary and nutritional supplements that is headquartered in Germany. We produce the ABKA capsules in Frankfurt am Main to proud German standards and we are subject to the supervision of the German health authority. The finished product is always rigorously checked by external laboratories to double-check for any residues or heavy metals: this ensures that we can offer you as safe and pure a product as possible.

Original Indian Incense!

We rely upon authentic Indian incense! Only Indian frankincense (Boswellia serrate) of high quality is used in the preparation of our ABKA capsules. It grows in the dry regions of India, where it has been skilfully cultivated for generations.

Function of nutrients

  • Boswellic acids are anti-inflammatory

Possible applications

  • Against joint pain and rheumatism
  • For people suffering from chronic bronchitis

Pure vegetarian

The ABKA incense capsules are completely free of animal-based products. There is no danger of animal allergens being included, and vegans and vegetarians can benefit from the health benefits from the ABKA-incense capsules. ZeinPharma® dispensed, throughout the production process, with the use of animal products or excipients. Instead of the traditional gelatine capsules, we used cellulose capsules. Cellulose is a constituent of plants and can easily be formed into palatable capsules which hold their shape well. Once in the stomach they are dissolved slowly and completely, releasing the contents of the capsule.

100 per cent natural

The AKBA capsules are a completely natural product. The frankincense is harvested and subject to a complex process, starting with the trees. For the ‘incense harvest’, in spring, the trunks of the trees are cut which causes a sticky milky liquid to flow out. This is known as ‘Tears of the Gods’. The resin is air-cured until solid, after which a gentle extraction process is applied in order to gain the best yield without harming the boswellic acids.

Well tolerated

The ZeinPharma® ABKA-incense capsules are well-tolerated, natural remedies that can be safely consumed for a long time without worry. Only the highest quality raw materials are used for the AKBA-incense capsules. All the raw materials and the finished capsules are tested for microbiological and chemical residues and must be free of contaminants of any kind.

5 reasons to choose ABKA-incense capsules from ZeinPharma®

  • 20mg of pure ABKA per capsule
  • Relieves rheumatism
  • Contains boswellic acids
  • Original Indian Frankincense extract
  • Pure and vegetarian

Take four capsules per day, swallowed whole with food.


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