Incense Capsules 450 mg


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ZeinPharma® Incense Capsules

  • Incense capsules with original boswellia serrata extract
  • content: 120 incense capsules
  • 450mg incense powder extract – currently the highest dosing available on the market
  • incense capsules from own production
  • gentle production process
  • suited for vegetarians
  • intake recommendation: 2 incense capsules daily with main meals

    What exactly is incense?

    Incense, also known as „sacred incense“, is an air-dried gum resin extracted from the incense tree. Already in thousands of years old written records, incense was described as important component of numerous applications. Also in the Vedic cultures of Ancient India, the outstanding characteristics of incense were highly valued, especially due to its excellent boswellia acids. St. Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179) sincerely appreciated incense. She wrote the impressive literary work „Physika“ in which she elaborately described the positive qualities of incense. She particularly pointed out, that incense is of great importance for a balanced diet and way of living.

    How is our incense extracted?

    Our incense is extracted in a very long and elaborate process. The incense production starts in springs and takes several months. The trunks and branches are cut with a special tool to let the resin leak out. The high-quality liquid pitch has to dry for a couple of weeks before to main harvesting can begin. The first step after the gentle harvesting is extraction. To extract the precious incense extract, the water-soluble ingredients have to be freed from the incense via water extraction. In the subsequent ethanol extraction, also water-insoluble ingredients are separated from the resin. This way, a strong and high-grade extract of Indian incense is generated.

    Advantages of our incense capsules?

    The advantage of our incense capsules is a high concentration of rich ingredients, especially accomplished by elaborate extraction. Hence, you receive 585mg pure boswellia acids in the recommended daily intake amount of only 2 incense capsules.

    Function of nutrients

    • Boswellic acids act anti-inflammatory

    Possible applications

    • Joint inflammation and joint pain
    • Rheumatism and arthrosis
    • Chronic intestinal inflammation
    • Chronic bronchitis

    Advantages of our incense capsules at a glance:

    • premium quality traditional incense powder from India
    • highest offered dosage on the market: 450mg incense powder extract
    • free from additives
    • controlled cultivation
    • original Indian boswellia serrata
    • generated via gentle extraction


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