Pomegranate Capsules 500 mg


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ZeinPharma® Pomegranate Capsules

  • with 52% polyphenols
  • rich in antioxidants
  • made of pure pomegranate fruit extract: 1500mg per day
  • own production
  • intake recommendation: 3 pomegranate capsules daily with main meals

    Pomegranate – a special fruit

    Already in Christian symbolic languages of the 16th century, pomegranate was regarded as speciality. Today, pomegranate (latin: Punica granatum) is still classified as all-rounder. Scientific studies show, that pomegranate is an excellent source for secondary plant compounds, especially for polyphenols. Pomegranate is domiciled is Western to Central Asia where it is valued as delicious food. Seasonally, pomegranate can also be found in German supermarkets. The term „pomegranate“ results from the Latin word „granatus“ (German: „many seeds“) referring to the numerous seeds inside the pomegranate. Pomegranate got its Latin name Punica in the Roman Empire. The so-called Phoenicians spread the red pomegranate partly for religious reasons and, thus, it became a very popular fruit.

    Function of nutrients

    • Pomegranate contains strong antioxidants
    • Pomegranate protects the cardiovascular system

    Possible applications

    • Anti aging
    • High blood pressure
    • Conditions of the heart

    What do our pomegranate capsules contain?

    Polyphenols are known to have numerous positive characteristics. With a percentage of 52% polyphenols, our pomegranate capsules contain a high proportion of these high-grade substances. But that's not all: for our pomegranate capsules, exclusively the raw material extracts of the whole fruit (and not just the paring) are extracted. You receive, hence, a multifaceted and high-quality mixture of many different nutritive substances.

    How is the raw material for our pomegranate capsules produced?

    The high-grade fruit extract for ZeinPharma® pomegranate capsules is gained via aqueous extraction. For this, only pure water is used and, thus,no additional substances. You receive optimum quality and can profit from all the advantages pomegranate has to offer.

    Advantages of ZeinPharma® pomegranate capsules:

    • with valuable polyphenols: with a percentage of 52% in the product
    • 500mg pure pomegranate fruit extract per capsule
    • from own production in Germany
    • pruduced according to highest quality standards


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