Stress Management : L-Tyrosine Capsules 500 mg
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L-Tyrosine Capsules 500 mg


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ZeinPharma® L-Tyrosine Capsules

  • As supplement to daily diet in times of an increased need for protein
  • 120 L-tyrosine capsules per box
  • 500 mg pure L-tyrosine per capsule
  • Gently produced in Germany
  • Free pharma-grade exclusively by ZeinPharma®
  • Intake recommendation: 2 L-tyrosine capsules daily together with the main meals

    What is L-tyrosine?

    L-tyrosine is a semi-essential amino acid, which is contained in food products mainly in the form of proteins. The prefixed letter “L” determines the amino acid’s chemical structure and describes, that the amino acid is necessary as cellular component in the organism. Thus, this proteinogenic amino acid is particularly important for the human body and should be part of the daily nutrition.


    Function of nutrients

    • L-Tyrosin improves concentration
    • L-Tyrosin gives mental strength
    • L-Tyrosin supresses the appetite
    • L-Tyrosin strenthens the body

    Possible applications

    • Fatigue
    • Performance increase
    • Weight loss
    • Stress

      What else should you know about our L-tyrosine capsules?

      Many a time amino acids are absorbed by eating animal proteins. People consuming meat only rarely often suffer from amino acid deficiencies, as it is harder to cover the protein requirement with vegetable proteins. This can be explained by the lower biological value of vegetable proteins. The biological value indicates to what degree a dietary protein can be transformed into an endogenous protein. Thus, the supplied proteins cannot be fully exploited. Further, especially in times of an increased requirement of amino acids, like intense concentration or training sessions, additional L-tyrosine can be useful.

      Your advantages at a glance:

      • 2 L-tyrosine capsules per daily amount
      • Optimum supplement to the daily protein intake
      • Especially helpful to cover the L-tyrosine requirement in times of intense concentration and training
      • Gently extracted my means of simple separation methods


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