Stress Management : Maca Gold Capsules 570mg
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Maca Gold Capsules plus Vitamin C & Zinc

  • With added vitamin C and zinc: protection against free radicals
  • 180 maca capsules per box
  • With high-quality yellow maca (4:1) extract powder
  • Each maca capsule contains 570 mg maca extract powder
  • Own production in Germany
  • Suited for vegetarians
  • Intake recommendation: up to 4 maca capsules daily together with a meal

    Maca - a legendary root

    When the Inca warriors entered battle, they took along the precious maca root, popular as rich source of nutrients and precious energy supplier. Peruvian chronicles report, that the Inca‘s food supplies consisted for more than 50% of maca root. Even today, maca root is still utilised due to its positive characteristics: in Peru, visitors can find the root numerous street markets and in many households. The yellow root is an indispensable part of daily nutrition. But also in our part of the world, maca root enjoys great popularity and is valued by men and women even-handedly for its nutritional value.

    What is special about maca root?

    With our maca gold capsules, you receive all advantages the legendary maca root has to offer, as well as added vitamin C and the mineral zinc. Vitamin c adds to a normal collagen formation, to guarantee a normal functioning of blood vessels, bones, and cartilages. Apart from that, vitamin C makes a valuable contribution to maintaining a normal psychic functioning and a healthy nervous system. It protects the body cells from oxidative stress. Vitamin C also supports a normal functioning of the immune system. Zinc is a trace element adding to a normal fertility and reproduction, as well as to a normal testosterone level in the blood. Like vitamin C, zinc protects the cells from oxidative stress and supports a normal cognitive functioning.

    Function of nutrients

    • Maca has a strengthening effect
    • Maca increases libido
    • Maca is vitalising
    • Maca enhaces performance

    Possible applications

    • Fatigue and weakness
    • Stress
    • improvement of the immune system
    • For general good health

    What else should I know about maca capsules?

    For our maca gold capsules, we exclusively use the high-grade yellow maca root. Our extract powder extracted from the roots harvested in the highlands of the Peruvian Andes in 4000 m height, has a 4:1 concentration. Each maca capsule contains 570 mg maca extract powder, this comes up to 2280 mg as daily dose. We particularly use capsules from vegetarian raw material, so that the capsules can also be used by vegetarians.

    Advantages of ZeinPharma® maca gold capsules:

    • From high-grade maca extract powder (4:1)
    • We exclusively use maca roots from controlled cultivation
    • The added vitamin c and zinc support a normal functioning of the immune system
    • The purity of the maca capsules is externally certified
    • The ingredients come from purely vegetable sources, i.e. suited for vegetarians


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