Stress Management : Organic Maca Pellets 500mg
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Organic Maca Pellets 500mg


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ZeinPharma® Organic Maca Pellets

  • Maca pellets from own production
  • Content: 120 organic maca pellets
  • 500 mg high grade organic quality in each pellet
  • 3000 mg per daily dose
  • Maca pellets are suited for vegetarians
  • Intake recommendation: up to 6 organic maca pellets throughout the day together with a meal

    What is maca?

    Acoording to chronicles, the legendary maca root served the Inca warriors as precious source of nutritive substances and energy. Thus, this special root made up more than half of the food provisions. For more than 2000 years, the maca plant is cultivated in the Inca‘s highlands as it can only build its numerous nutritive substances in incredible heights of 3000 metres. Even today, maca root is regarded in Peru as indispensable food and can be found by tourists on nearly every farmer‘s market and in almost every household. In our latitudes, the Peruvian root also has a lot of male and female adherents due to its precious ingredients and positive characteristics.

    What is special about the legendary maca root?

    Our organic maca pellets contain the high-quality powder from the yellow maca root extract (4:1). We guarantee premium organic quality by exclusively using raw material that has not been treated with plant protection products (e.g. pesticides, herbicides). Even at harvest, the use of machines is refused. This gentle handling offers the maca root a natural growth and ensures the organic quality you desire. This is certified by the BIO label (DE-ÖKO-003) our maca pellets carry.

    Function of nutrients

    • Maca has a high density of nutrients
    • Maca gives energy
    • Maca can ease he symtopms of menopause
    • Maca strengthens the body

    Possible applications

    • Infections
    • Fatigue
    • Menopause

    Good to know!

    We offer you excellent organic maca either as pellets or as loose powder. The maca pellets are easier to use in everyday life as the intake amount does not have to be weighed. One pellet consists of 500 mg BIO powder from the maca root. The loose powder can also be obtained in this high-grade quality and with the content of 150 g maca extract powder you can choose your individual dosing. The maca pellets as well as the powder are free from animal-based components. This means, also vegetarians can enjoy the benefits of the maca root.

    Advantages of our organic maca pellets at a glance:

    • Traditional application of maca extract powder (4:1) with maca pellets
    • From strictly controlled cultivation for high-grade organic quality
    • Certified by the BIO label “DE-ÖKO_003“
    • No use of plant protection products
    • Maca pellets from pure maca extract powder - no further additives


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