ZeinPharma® Rhodiola Capsules

  • The "Golden root" now also available as capsule
  • Content: 60 rhodiola capsules
  • With 300mg rhodiola rosea extract per capsule
  • Effective against depressions
  • Alleviation of physical and mental symptoms in times of stress
  • Supports a healthy sleep
  • Plus Vitamin C, B1, and B6
  • Own production in Germany
  • Laboratory-tested quality
  • ntake recommendation: 2 rhodia capsules daily

    What is rhodiola?

    Rhodiola is extracted from the rhodiala root, also known as "rose root". In Siberia it is colloquially called "golden root". The rhodia root grows in arctic regions but also in Europe, Asia, and North America.

    he history of the rhodiola root dates back to the year 77 AD. At that time, the Greek doctor Dioscurides described the rhodiola root in his memorandum "material medica". It owes its byname "rose root" to Carl von Linné. He compared the root’s smell to the smell of roses and gave it the Latin name "rhodiola rosea" – "rose root". Already in 1775, the rhodiola root was registered in the official Swedish pharmacopoeia. Current studies deal with the potential of rhodiola.

    Function of nutrients

    • Rosavin and salidrosides act health-enhancing
    • Rhodiola root extract eases stress
    • Rhodiola root extract lowers exhaustion
    • Vitamin C supports a strong immune system
    • Vitamin C protects cells from oxidative stress
    • Vitamin B1 and B6 support a healthy nervous system
    • Vitamin B1 and B6 reduce tiredness

    Possible applications

    • People suffering from stress
    • Optimisation of athletic performance
    • Anxiety

    What is special about our rhodiola capsules?

    Our rhodiola is extracted from the real Siberian root extract of the rose root. It is especially rich in ingredients like rosavin and salidrosides, which are mainly responsible for the health-enhancing effects of rhodiola rosea. The root extract with its precious ingredients leads e.g. to a reduced releasing of stress hormones and reduces tiredness, exhaustion, and tension.

    Apart from that, the rhodiola root extract is enriched with precious vitamins like vitamin C, B1, and B6.

    Vitamin C is a valuable antioxidant and adds to a normal functioning of the immune system during and after intense physical exercise. It supports the collagen formation e.g. in the blood vessels, cartilages, bones, and teeth. Further, Vitamin C adds to a healthy energy metabolism and to a normal functioning of the nervous system.

    Vitamin B1 and B6 reduce tiredness and signs of fatigue. They support the healthy functioning of the immune system as well as the nervous system. Vitamin B6 adds additionally to the regulation of the hormonal activities as well as the normal formation of red blood cells.

    Advantages of our rhodiola capsules

    Our rhodiola capsules combine pure rhodiola root extract with selected vitamins, tailored to the vital substance. Our "rhodiola rosea" is exclusively produced in Germany and is regularly tested by external institutions.

    Advantages of rhodiola capsules at a glance:

    • Content: 60 rhodiola capsules
    • From the Siberian rhodiola root
    • Our rhodiola capsules are enriched with precious vitamins
    • Produced in Germany


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