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MenoVital Plus Capsules


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MenoVital Plus Capsules

  • With added vitamin C and zinc
  • 120 capsules per box
  • With high-grade isoflavones from red clover extract: 74mg per daily dose
  • From own production
  • Intake recommendation: 2 capsules daily together with a main meal

Red clover – a mojo?

Every child hopes to find luck searching for four-leaved clover. People using red clover for numerous years in traditional applications can consider themselves lucky too. In particular, red clover contains isoflavones or phytoestrogens that are especially valued by women of an age of approximately 55 years. Red clover belongs to the legume family and is grown in these parts as cultivated plant to make its precious ingredients and positive characteristics utilisable for the human being. With the added vitamin C and zinc, MenoVital capsules are truly a mojo and you don’t even have to search for red clover.

Function of nutrients

  • Red clover extract can improve menopausal symptoms
  • Red clover acts blood purifying
  • Vitamin C protects cells from oxidative stress
  • Zinc supports normal hair, skin and bones
  • Zinc and vitamin C act immune-strengthening

Possible applications

  • Symptoms of menopause
  • Hot flashes
  • Breast pain
  • Premenstrual syndrom

What is special about our MenoVital capsules?

Isoflavones are secondary plant compounds. They belong to the flavonoid family, are mostly slightly yellowish and serve as protection from vermin. Each capsule contains approximately 37mg of these precious isoflavones which are optimally supported by the versatile substances vitamin C and zinc.

The added vitamin C adds to a normal functioning of the immune system and supports a normal functioning of the nervous system as well as a normal mental functioning. Vitamin C adds to the reduction of tiredness and exhaustion –start the day with maximum energy.

The precious companion zinc enables the preservation of normal hair, nails, and skin and supports a normal cognitive functioning. Both essential nutritive substances contribute to the protection of your body cells by fending free radicals off and, thus, protection them from oxidative stress. This ZeinPharma® product offers you exceptional quality and naturalness.

Advantages of ZeinPharma® MenoVital capsules at a glance:

  • The capsules contain precious red clover extract
  • 37mg selected secondary plant compound per capsule
  • Highest quality standards from raw material to finished product
  • Added vitamin C and zinc: for a normal immune system and protection from free radicals


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