• 100% pure Acai extract
  • Gently freeze-dried
  • Additive free
  • Extremely high 12:1 extract ratio
  • Certified organic quality

ZeinPharma Acai powder is 100% organic and completely additive-free. The certified gentle freeze-drying that it undergoes results in an extremely high concentration of the Acai berry’s many active and beneficial ingredients.


Acai Powder

100% biologically pure

No artificial additives are used during ripening, harvesting and processing the Acai berries used in the powder and this is confirmed by its natural deep, dark colour. Other, inferior products often add inactive ingredients, extract with alcohol or spray dry with grape sugars, resulting in a lighter, unnatural colour.

12g Acai berries in 1g of extract

Organic Acai powder provides an enormous concentration of the healthy ingredients of the Acai berry; far higher than if you ate the fresh fruit. One gram of Acai powder is made from 12 grams of freeze-dried Acai berry.

Acai powder of organic quality

The Acai berry is one of the few foods that is still cultivated completely free from pesticides and other toxic chemicals and is thus 100 per cent natural. The berries are ripened in their natural environment as the huge, humid rainforests provide ideal growing conditions without the need for human intervention.

This Acai powder is made exclusively from Brazilian Acai berries that are far higher quality than those sourced from Asia. The berries are processed in the USA where the secret of the Acai berry was discovered several years ago. At first the Acai berry was only a “miracle cure” for the rich and famous, but its popularity gradually grew and spread slowly but surely to the rest of the world.

Freeze-dried Acai powder retains important nutrients

Freeze-dried Acai berries are harvested from berries that have reached optimum ripeness and have the highest amount of valuable nutrients. After harvesting, the ripe berries are immediately freeze-dried as the heat and humidity of the tropical rainforest makes the berries very perishable. Freeze-drying leaves the nutrients and their anti-oxidant properties almost intact.

Avoid spray drying

Freeze-dried Acai berries retain the colour, flavor and nutrients of the fresh fruit. The inferior spray drying method destroys important nutrients and greatly reduces antioxidant capabilities. Spray drying uses only the juice of the berry, often combined with grape sugar, while freeze-dried Acai extract utilises the whole fruit.

High ORAC value

The antioxidant capacity of a food and its ability to neutralise free radicals is measured by the ORAC value. The Acai berry has an above-average ORAC value that is many times higher than that of blueberries or cranberries and is increased by gentle harvesting and careful processing.

High energy and nutrient content

Acai berries offer many other health benefits apart from high levels of antioxidants. They are rich in valuable minerals like iron, calcium, potassium and sodium and also contain high-quality mono-saturated and unsaturated fats. Organic Acai powder has a high percentage of dietary fibre and its high energy content makes it popular with athletes.

Traditional harvesting

The Acai berry is still harvested using traditional, environmentally-friendly methods. Harvesting is done by climbing the huge palm trees and using a machete to cut the branches where the Acai berries grow. After climbing down with them, the berries are removed by shaking, plucking and stripping the branches.

Through its many uses, the Acai Palm is an important economic factor in the regions where it grows. It provides a cheap and nutrient-rich diet to many of the poorer people of tropical South America. The palms can be harvested twice a year and each delivers up to 650 precious berries. The Acai Palm is also known as the Cabbage Palm, while its scientific name is Euterpe oleracea.

Tested for purity

Organic Acai powder is guaranteed pure. The berries are thoroughly checked for purity and for residues such as heavy metals, micro-organisms and chemicals. Only raw materials that are 100 per cent pure and safe are included in production. This guarantees that no unwanted substances occur in the powder and the end consumer will receive an absolutely pure and perfect product. Once the organic Acai powder is processed, it is again analysed by an external laboratory to ensure that the purity of the raw material has been preserved throughout the manufacturing process.


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