Ginger Capsules 300mg


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ZeinPharma® Ginger Capsules

  • Made of 100% natural raw material
  • Against travel sickness
  • Against uneasiness
  • Digestive
  • 300mg ginger root extract and 15mg gingeroles
  • Made in Germany

    What is special about our ginger capsules?

    Ginger has a pleasant and aromatic odour. In contrast, the thaste is hot and very spicy. People who dislike the taste of ginger, still can profit from its important ingredients – comfortably by consuming it as capsule.

    In Asia, ginger is traditionally used as digestive. It is also helpful for all types of nausea, especially for travel sickness and maternity sickness.

    ZeinPharma® ginger capsules provide you with 300mg of precious standardised ginger extract with 5% gingeroles per capsule. Use our ginger capsules when travelling, after a good meal, or just as total care.

    Function of nutrients

    • Ginger is antimicrobial
    • Ginger supports digestion
    • Ginger has anti-inflammatory effects
    • Ginger has antioxidative properties

    Possible applications

    • Morning sickness
    • Motion sickness
    • Uneasiness

    Advantages of ginger capsules at a glance:

    • Highest quality standards from raw material to the finished product.
    • Ginger root extract powder with 5% gingeroles
    • Ideal travelling companion to protect from nausea and to support digestion
    • We exclusively use standardised extract from the subterranean root for our ginger capsules
    • An attractive alternative to the hot taste of the fresh ginger root


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