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ResoMax Bioenhancer


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ResoMax Capsules

Do you get sufficient nutrients from a healthy diet?

You eat a healthy and balanced diet, take regular medications and dietary supplements. You do everything you can because you pay attention to your health, but how much does your body gains from this?

Everybody is unique; it is not just eye colour and stature that makes us different, the uptake of nutrients is also very individual, and can be influenced by numerous factors. Different foods can interfere with the uptake of nutrients and medications also have a detrimental effect, meaning that some vital substances might not be taken up in sufficient quantities.

A Unique and Highly Effective Formula

ResoMax ® improves the bio-availability of vitamins, minerals, phyto-nutrients, trace minerals and amino acids, along with the absorption of the active ingredients of herbal extracts and drugs. ResoMax ® is the combination of a number of ingredients that act as proven bio-enhancers:

  • Bioperine ® / Piperine
  • Ginger root extract
  • Extract of Caraway
  • Aloe Vera Gel Powder
  • Grapefruit extract
  • Cinnamon extract

All these substances are purely natural and high quality. ResoMax ® capsules contain the most effective ingredients, carefully combined together. The principle of "synergistic effects" has a long history in the development of pharmaceuticals; increasing the effectiveness of medication at lower doses. This means that nutrients with a limited availability in the body become more potent. When nutrients become freely available throughout the body's systems they reach the sites where they are needed most.

Many nutrients are not completely absorbed by the intestine and the body’s ability to benefit from certain nutrients will also decrease with age. Despite a healthy diet only a fraction of the available nutrients might be being utilised. Impaired absorption of nutrients can also be a result of disease with illness affecting the body’s metabolic rate, blocking their uptake even though they are even more essential at these times.

Bio-enhancers in Ayurvedic Medicine

The term "bio-enhancers" was introduced by the Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine; they are virtually unique to plants and are an important part of Ayurvedic teachings. The effective ingredient in pepper, Piperine, became the first recognised bio-enhancer in 1979. Bio-enhancers, known as phyto-chemicals, have properties that stimulate the metabolism.

How ResoMax Optimises Your Food

ResoMax ® acts as a bio-enhancer that increases the absorption of nutrients, stimulating blood flow in the stomach and intestines and the activity of key enzymes involved in the digestion and transport of individual food components. They increase the activity of enzymes that make nutrients available and inhibit others that break down and destroy essential nutrients. ResoMax ® also affects the way that these nutrients bind to other substances facilitating their passage through the entire body.

Function of nutrients

  • ResoMax enhances blood circulation in the gastrointestinal tract
  • ResoMax increases enzyme aktivity
  • ResoMax facilitates absorption

Possible applications

  • Increases bioavailability of nutrients
  • Impaired gut flora
  • Individual circumstances which impair absorption

Results of Scientific Studies

ResoMax ® capsules contain the optimal combination of carefully selected bio-enhancers. The effectiveness of each ingredient has been investigated in many studies which have shown increased absorption of nutrients by up to 2000%.The three key ingredients used in the ResoMax ® are Bioperine , Piperine and Aloe Vera extract.

Bioperine increases the availability of Curcumin, a highly effective precursor found in plants by up to 2000%. With Piperine (98%) the absorption of beta-carotene was increased by 60%. Subjects who took Vitamin E along with Aloe Vera extract saw their absorption increase by 198 %. Other human studies have demonstrated the improved bioavailability of Coenzyme Q10, Vitamin B6 and other beneficial substances when combined with the bio-enhancer Piperine.

5 reasons why you should choose for ResoMax® from ZeinPharma:

  • 1. Makes the most of a healthy diet
  • 2. Increases the bioavailability of nutrients
  • 3. Pure natural ingredients
  • 4. Has proven effects
  • 5. One pack last a whole month

You can combine the dietary supplement ResoMax ® directly with meals. With just 1 to 2 capsules per day, you will benefit from their maximum effectiveness and help your body absorb nutrients at an optimum level.


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