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ZeinPharma® Glucosamine Capsules

What is aminoglucose?

Aminoglucose was discovered in 1876 by the German doctor Georg Ledderhose within the scope of a research study on the subject of joints. Structurally, aminoglucose is an amino sugar (i.e. a sugar compound (monosaccaride) linked to an aminno acid). Aminoglucose is a compound occurring naturally in the human body. For the main part it can be found as component of the connective tissue, in cartilages and the synovial fluid. Certain factors like age, a deficient diet, or metabolic disorders, however, lead to an insufficient body's own aminoglucose production. Aminoglucose can be supplied with food, but the suited dishes don't belong to a daily menu (e.g. shellfish, tendons and cartilage tissue of mammals). Highly dosed dietary supplements like our aminoglucose capsules and our joint tablets offer a sufficient daily aminoglucose supply.

How is our aminoglucose produced?

The raw material for our aminoglucose capsules is exclusively provided by fermentation, not from crustacea like other products on the market. The safety of our products is checked by an external institute.

Function of nutrients

  • Glucosamine supports formation of the cartilage
  • Glucosamine regenerates cartilage tissue
  • Glucosamine and Manganese add to the formation of connective tissue
  • Glucosamine is anti-inflammatory

Possible applications

  • Arthrosis and rheumatism
  • Cartilage formation

Effectively supplemented by manganese

Our aminoglucose is supplemented by the micro element manganese. With this unique combination, our product helps to maintain normal bones and normal connective tissue formation. With the precious combination of aminoglucose and manganese, your connective tissue and cartilages are optimally supplied and supported with a daily dosage of 1500mg.

Advantages of our aminoglucose capsules

  • Fermented quality
  • Added micro element manganese
  • For a normal connective tissue formation and preservation of normal bones
  • Produced in accordance with highest quality standards

Intake recommendation for ZeinPharma® aminoglucose capsules

3 aminoglucose capsules, swallowed whole, should be taken daily with the main meals with flat water (200ml minimum). The stated and recommended daily intake amount is not to be exceeded. Aminoglucose capsules are no replacement for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy way of living. To be kept out of the reach of children.

3 capsules contain:

  • 1500mg aminoglucose sulphate
  • 2mg manganese


aminoglucose sulphate 2 KCI, capsule casing: gelatine, manganese gluconate (manganese), separating agent: magnesium salts from fatty acids, colourant of capsule casing: titanium dioxide.


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