L-Arginine Powder 180g


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L-Arginine Powder

  • 1 measuring spoon comes up to approx. 3.6g L-arginine powder
  • Dietetic food for intense muscular effort
  • Especially suited for athletes
  • Gives energy
  • L-arginine powder from own production

What is L-arginine?

L-arginine belongs to the semi-essential amino acids, i.e. the body is able to produce this protein component itself to a certain amount. However, in most cases, this amount is not sufficient and L-arginine has to be obtained from food. L-arginine is involved in numerous bodily functions. Apart from that, the protein is the unique pre-stage of nitrate monoxide (NO), the smallest messenger in the body and especially important for muscles.

In 1998, the scientists Ferid Murad, Louis J. Ignarro and Robet F. Furchgott obtained the Nobel Prrize in Medicine for researching the correlation of arginine and NO.

Function of nutrients

  • L-Arginin supports muscle building
  • L-Arginin supports blood circulation
  • L-Arginin improves vessel function

Possible applications

  • For athletes
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Heart and vessel conditions
  • Improving performance in sports

What does L-arginine contain?

When the human body is highly strained like during workout or long-lasting stress, L-arginine can support the body in several functions. Especially the maintenance of healthy vessels and muscle growth can be improved with this amino acid. For this reason it is very popular among athletes and is used for targeted muscle building. Apart from that, L-arginine can have a positive effect on mal fertility due to its circulation enhancing characteristics.

L-arginine powder has not only proven of value in the scope of muscle growth and increased performance but also for children in the growth phase. Especially children can have a fast uptake rate of amino acid reserves. Amino acid is mainly produced in the urea cycle. However, a lot of times this production is not sufficient to fully optimally cover the requirements, e.g. in case of vascular disorders or unbalanced diets. With our L-arginine powder you get more than just a performance increase – a targeted support of muscle growth and muscle building.

Advantages of L-arginine powder:

  • Pure L-arginine without additives
  • Fermented quality
  • L-arginine base
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Produced according to highest quality standards


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