Magnesium Citrate Capsules 680mg


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ZeinPharma® Magnesium Citrate Capsules

  • High bioavailability through citrate connection
  • For strong muscles
  • Helps maintaining normal bones and teeth
  • Per 3 magnesium citrate capsules: 2040 mg magnesium citrate = 300 mg pure magnesium
  • Own production in Germany
  • Intake recommendation: 3 magnesium capsules daily together with principal meals

    Magnesium – an essential mineral nutrient

    According to an ancient Greek translation, magnesium means „magnet stone“ and is one of the most vitally important minerals for the human being. In the 18th century, Joseph Black, a Scottish physician and chemist, was the first person to analyse magnesium compounds. The manifold characteristics of Magnesium gleamed already at that time. As cofactor of numerous enzymes, magnesium serves as important drive means for various intracellular metabolisms. The so-called mixing element is essential for the human being as it cannot be produced by the human body itself and has to be absorbed regularly through the intake of food.

    What is special about our magnesium citrate capsules?

    In our magnesium citrate capsules, magnesium is present in organic form and can thus be absorbed by the human body particularly well – especially better than magnesium carbonate or magnesium oxide. In the human body, it contributes to a normal energy metabolism and a normal muscle functioning, when the body – due to physical exercise – needs more magnesium than it can absorb with food. Further, magnesium supports the electrolyte equilibrium and a normal functioning of the nervous system as well as a normal psychic functioning. But that’s not all: magnesium supports the maintenance of normal bones and teeth and reduces exhaustion on stressful days.


    Why is a high bioavailability important?

    Sometimes the human body needs the help of magnesium outright. To have a fast effect, a high bioavailability is indispensable. Bioavailability gives information on how fast und to which extent a compound is available for the human body. The magnesium citrate contained in the magnesium citrate capsules, is the compound the human body can absorb best. This way, e.g. athletes, elderly people or adolescents profit by the high bioavailability of our magnesium citrate capsules.

    Per daily dose, ZeinPharma® magnesium citrate capsules contain 2024 mg high-quality magnesium citrate without additives. This corresponds to 300 mg pure magnesium. With the magnesium citrate capsule, adults can cover their daily requirement of 300 mg, recommended by the DGE (German Nutrition Association).

    Your advantages of magnesium citrate capsules at a glance:

    • 300 mg pure magnesium to cover your daily requirement
    • Better absorption by citrate compounds
    • For the preservation of normal bones and a normal muscle functioning
    • Magnesium citrate in its pure and organic form
    • Magnesium citrate capsules produced in accordance with highest quality standards


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