Coenzyme Q10 60 mg Capsules


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ZeinPharma® Coenzyme Q10 60 mg Capsules

  • Effective antioxidant
  • Important for energy generation in the cells
  • Provides flexibility of the cell membranes
  • Supports cardiovascular health
  • Each capsule contains 60mg natural coenzyme Q10
  • Corresponds 100% to the Q10 produced in the human body

    What is coenzyme Q10?

    Most people know the coenzyme Q10 agent only as ingredient of cremes. The cosmetic industry uses Q10 mainly for skin products. Q10, though, plays an important role within the human body and is a real multi-talent. The coenzyme is an important component in the human organism and can be found in the majority of the cells, where it provides elasticity and flexibility of the cell membranes and protects them from oxidative reactions. Further, Q10 supports the enzyme functions as well as the physiological processes connected to them. Peter D. Mitchell, a British scientist, studied the role of Q10 in the human body and was rewarded for his research results with the Nobel Prize in 1978.

    What is special about coenzyme Q10?

    Q10 is an endogenous component also known as “Ubichinon”. Ubichinon is naturally present in human beings, animals as well as plants. Coenzyme Q10 belongs to the vitaminoid family, i.e. it is a vitamin-like substance playing an important role in nutrition. The supply is covered by the daily intake of food like meat and fish. Under certain circumstanced of life as well from an age of 40 years, the body's own Q10 production runs low. Our coenzyme Q10 capsules provide a solid daily Q10 supply.

    How are our coenzyme Q10 60 mg capsules produced?

    Most providers of coenzyme Q10 capsules use chemical production methods whose exact effects on the final product is not foreseeable. We gain our coenzyme Q10 capsules exclusively by means of a gentle and absolutely natural yeast fermentation. Yeast fermentation is a natural fermentation process in which Q10, identical to the body's own production, is produced. Thus, it can be used optimally by the organism. We offer highest product quality and premium unwrought goods. To be able to guarantee these highest quality standards, our products are controlled by an independent accredited institute.

    Advantages of our coenzyme Q10 60 mg capsules at a glance:

    • natural production process by yeast fermentation
    • only high-class natural raw material of renowned suppliers is used
    • we guarantee highest quality standards with external control by a independent accredited institute
    • 90 mg premium coenzyme Q10 covers the daily requirement optimally


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